A brief look at shipping containers; their advantages and disadvantages


Shipping container homes are new discoveries that are increasingly becoming popular due to various factors. Shipping container homes are basically shipping containers that have been transformed into houses where people can live.

A shipping container is usually a metallic structure that is made in a cubic design. It is made to be a study and secure container that is used for shipping goods. To be able to be a suitable shipping device, shipping containers are made to be very hardy such that they cannot easily get damaged by being hit by hard objects, they are not damaged by weather, and they also have securing doors that cannot be easily breached. Shipping containers are made to last and to provide maximum protection for the cargo inside.

The use of shipping containers as homes is as a result of all the above features of the shipping container. A home has to have all the above features of being resilient against external damaging forces and it has to be able to provide sufficient security for the inhabitants and their belongings.

In today’s world where real estate has become so expensive, shipping containers are rapidly becoming popular since they are a cost effective option. Acquiring a shipping container is much cheaper than building a house. Having a shipping home does not take a long time as building a house takes. All that one needs to do is buy a shipping container and have it delivered at the necessary location.

Shipping container houses can be as comfortable as any ordinary houses. It all depends with how much one is willing to input into the house. One can cut ideal windows into a shipping container, one can install suitable padding to provide insulation against heat and sound, and one can also have electrical installation and water plumbing. A shipping container can have all the necessary amenities that one might need for a comfortable home.

There are different sized shipping containers and therefore one can have different sized shipping container homes. It is also possible to join two shipping containers to make a larger home. Since the shipping container is mostly made of metal, one has to be careful when handling electricity. For starters one should get any electric wiring to be done by a professional. Once proper electric wiring has been done, one can use any kind of electrical appliance including whole house dehumidifiers, refrigerators, cookers, and ovens.

Another advantage of the shipping container home is the fact that it can be easily moved from one place to another. This is a benefit that cannot be enjoyed in the other ordinary homes. As such, when one moves from one place to another, they do not need to look for another house but they can simply organize to have their house moved to the new location.

Apart from the many benefits of the shipping container home, there are also some disadvantages. For one, one still needs to have some real estate space where they can place the shipping container. Shipping containers can also be restrictive in terms of the design.