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A brief look at shipping containers; their advantages and disadvantages

Shipping container homes are new discoveries that are increasingly becoming popular due to various factors. Shipping container homes are basically shipping containers that have been transformed into houses where people can live. A shipping container is usually a metallic structure that is made in a cubic design. It is made to be a study and secure container that is used for shipping goods. To be able to be a suitable shipping device, shipping containers are made to be very hardy such that they cannot easily get damaged by being hit by hard objects, they are not damaged by weather, and…


Hygiene and sanitization; the importance of personal cleanliness and home cleanliness

Cleaning is an activity that is very much part of our lives, that is… unless one wants to live the life of a hobo. Cleanliness is not only a way of making us feel good about ourselves, it is also important if we are going to mingle with other people. It would be very unfortunate to mix up with other people when one is stinking of stale sweat. Cleaning up is also important for hygiene. Disease causing pathogens are known to thrive in dirty conditions and they do not find it conducive to dwell in clean environments. Being clean is…


The delights of moving into my new home and the memories it evoked

After buying my new home, I was very excited. Finally I was able to have my own house. This was a great feeling since I was now confident of being able to house my family without any fears. Renting a house does not provide a lot of security especially when one has a family. With the modern day challenges one is never certain of always being able to have enough money to pay the rent. After I bought my house, I was very eager to examine every aspect of my newly acquired asset. Before buying the house, I had checked…


New health complications that are as a result of the modern lifestyle; focus on bruxism

There are types of health conditions that are caused by stress and anxiety. In the modern day, these issues are on the increase since mankind is facing more challenging mental and psychological problems. Many times this is because of the lifestyle that mankind has adopted. Mankind today is living a life that is very different to the kind of life that our fore fathers had. In the older days, people depended on working the fields for sustenance. During that time, man was able to enjoy variety in his environment since he was working in the outdoors and the work environment…

hospitality of different communities

Visiting Singapore and enjoying the hospitality of different communities

Visiting Singapore was a great milestone in my life. I am an ardent enthusiast of travel and whenever I have the opportunity, I like to travel to places around the world where I have never been to. I love the adventure that is associated with the unknown and I like getting the experience of meeting people from other cultures. During my vacations, I had managed to travel to many destinations around the world but I had not managed to travel to Asia. Somehow, I had always overlooked Asia. This time I had managed to finally visit the populous continent thanks…

HDB flat

Finding love in the dark corridors of a crowded HDB flat

The great relationship between me and my wife started when I was still a young gentleman studying in the University. The relationship started in a very casual way that amuses me when I look back at how this strong loving relationship was started. The University I was studying from was many miles from home and I rarely went home due to the distance. Being quite adventurous and being versatile in adapting to new environments, I was however able to quickly settle in the new environment at the university. During my first two years at the university, I was residing at…

Chinese couple in Singapore

Exploring new musical realms while living with a Chinese couple in Singapore

Music like money is acceptable all around the world. Wherever you go, music is accepted as a source of entertainment and as a way of achieving many other cultural objectives. Music is however very different among different communities around the world. The type of music played in any part of the world is hugely influenced by the cultures from which the music originates from. I love music and I have always been fascinated by the different types of music. When I was a little boy I grew up listening to music, singing and playing musical instruments. I grew up in…

Karaoke contest

I met my wife through a Karaoke contest

My wife and I work in the same company although working in different locations. I work in a small branch of the company that is a few miles out of town while she is stationed at the head office. My wife and I are both good singers. Music is what led us to each other. Our meeting was actually quite coincidental although it made it all the more romantic. My wife and I met at the company’s annual party. As it is all the staff and friends of the company are invited and it is usually a big event since…

hosting a party

Important tips for hosting different kinds of parties

Having a party is no easy thing. Managing to successfully organize and host a party that will be loved especially when it is a big crowd is no joke. In the past, parties were simple affairs since everybody had the same tastes. Party activities were few and hence the issue was not so complicated. A few snacks and a few drinks were often enough. If you were having an outdoor party a boom box would suffice for music. Today things are very different. When you call for a party, you have to consider the likes and dislikes of people that…

Exercising at Home- How to Stay Healthy and Safe

Exercising at Home- How to Stay Healthy and Safe

Physical exercise comes in many forms, and all these are critical in maintaining one’s health and general well-being. When planned and done the right way, exercise can strengthen different muscle groups, help improve mental acuity, boost physical skills for sports, help protect the body from certain diseases and address a number of ‘lifestyle diseases’. But all these come with qualifications- physical exercise can work and deliver the goods if these are properly selected and done in a safe way. Exercising without considering safety will deliver more problems than benefits. So when you are faced with a new exercise routine for…

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