Monday, April 24, 2017

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hospitality of different communities

Visiting Singapore and enjoying the hospitality of different communities

Visiting Singapore was a great milestone in my life. I am an ardent enthusiast of travel and whenever I have the opportunity, I like to travel to places around the world where I have never been to. I love the adventure that is associated with the unknown and I like getting the experience of meeting people from other cultures. During my vacations, I had managed to travel to many destinations around the world but I had not managed to travel to Asia. Somehow, I had always overlooked Asia. This time I had managed to finally visit the populous continent thanks…

Karaoke contest

I met my wife through a Karaoke contest

My wife and I work in the same company although working in different locations. I work in a small branch of the company that is a few miles out of town while she is stationed at the head office. My wife and I are both good singers. Music is what led us to each other. Our meeting was actually quite coincidental although it made it all the more romantic. My wife and I met at the company‚Äôs annual party. As it is all the staff and friends of the company are invited and it is usually a big event since…

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