Monday, April 24, 2017

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A brief look at shipping containers; their advantages and disadvantages

Shipping container homes are new discoveries that are increasingly becoming popular due to various factors. Shipping container homes are basically shipping containers that have been transformed into houses where people can live. A shipping container is usually a metallic structure that is made in a cubic design. It is made to be a study and secure container that is used for shipping goods. To be able to be a suitable shipping device, shipping containers are made to be very hardy such that they cannot easily get damaged by being hit by hard objects, they are not damaged by weather, and…


The delights of moving into my new home and the memories it evoked

After buying my new home, I was very excited. Finally I was able to have my own house. This was a great feeling since I was now confident of being able to house my family without any fears. Renting a house does not provide a lot of security especially when one has a family. With the modern day challenges one is never certain of always being able to have enough money to pay the rent. After I bought my house, I was very eager to examine every aspect of my newly acquired asset. Before buying the house, I had checked…

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