Finding love in the dark corridors of a crowded HDB flat

HDB flat

The great relationship between me and my wife started when I was still a young gentleman studying in the University. The relationship started in a very casual way that amuses me when I look back at how this strong loving relationship was started.

The University I was studying from was many miles from home and I rarely went home due to the distance. Being quite adventurous and being versatile in adapting to new environments, I was however able to quickly settle in the new environment at the university.

During my first two years at the university, I was residing at some student hostels that were close to the school. This was the preferred accommodation for many students especially for the students who could not afford to rent the expensive and luxurious apartments that were set aside by the university.

The hostels usually comprised of identical rooms that were designed to hold four individuals with some cabinets made to hold the occupants belongings. The hostels had some common rooms that the students could use for study. These were the very basic facilities necessary for the students. I did not like these facilities as I found them too crowded and one could not have any privacy.

After two years of being at the university, I had been able to get acquainted with the environment surrounding the university and I had discovered that I could rent rooms from individuals living in the HDB flats around the university. Some of the students were already doing this. One could get a room that was slightly more expensive than the hostels but at least these facilities would provide much more privacy and comfort. I decided to rent a room too.

Since I did not want to spend a lot of money, I decided to get a room for rent without the use of real estate agents who would charge me a lot of money for their services. Since I also had the time, I decided I would slowly cover one flat after the other searching for an ideal room to rent.

During this search for a room is when I met my-wife-to-be. Coincidentally, she was also searching for a house. She happened to recognize me as a fellow student while I was walking along a corridor of one of the HDB flats. Assuming that I was already a resident of the building, she wanted to know if I could help her get a house too.

When I first saw her, her beauty struck me speechless such that I was reduced to unintelligible murmurs when answering her questions for most of the time during that first encounter.

Eventually, I was able to explain that I was also looking for a house.

We ended up joining up and doing the searching together. Being a gentleman, I let her have the first common room for rent that we came across. I was surprised when she offered to accompany me in searching until I also found a HDB room available for rent.

That was the beginning of our relationship which has now lasted seventeen years and we are still going strong.