Hygiene and sanitization; the importance of personal cleanliness and home cleanliness


Cleaning is an activity that is very much part of our lives, that is… unless one wants to live the life of a hobo. Cleanliness is not only a way of making us feel good about ourselves, it is also important if we are going to mingle with other people. It would be very unfortunate to mix up with other people when one is stinking of stale sweat. Cleaning up is also important for hygiene. Disease causing pathogens are known to thrive in dirty conditions and they do not find it conducive to dwell in clean environments.

Being clean is not all about cleaning the body. Cleanliness also includes having clean clothes. There would be no point of cleaning up the body and then wearing filthy clothes. It is therefore important that we ensure that our clothes are cleaned every time after we wear them to ensure that we can always have something clean to wear.

Apart from the cleanness of our own persons, we also need to consider the cleanliness of our environs and the things that we use for our day to day activities. Of most importance is the cleanliness of our homes. It is important that we ensure that our homes are always clean. The home is where we live and it is the most intimate environ for us. As such we should ensure that it is always as clean as possible.

In ensuring that our homes are clean, there are some areas that we should pay most attention to. One of these places is the kitchen. The kitchen is very important since it is the place from which we prepare our food. Food is very sensitive when it comes to cleanliness. Food that is contaminated by dirt is very likely to cause one to get sick. As such everything related to food should be kept clean.

In the kitchen, we always have to keep washing dishes since they are always dirtied when preparing and when serving food. Since we have to use them the next time when they are clean, we have to continuously keep washing them. In washing dishes one can invest in a dishwasher.

 There are many types of dishwashers with different dishwashers having different prices. Small dishwashers are usually less costly that large dishwashers. If you often do not have many dishes to wash, then one does not need a large dishwasher and a small dishwasher will be suitable enough.

In the home we also have the bathroom where we use for cleaning up and for toilet functions. This being a place that is associated with filth does not mean that it should be filthy. The bathroom should be a very clean place.

In the bathroom, there is usually some water supply, a good bathroom should have piped supply of hot and cold water. For the most economic piped hot water supply one should consider installing electric tankless water heaters. With a good supply of hot water one can always ensure that they can wash away even the oily grime.