I met my wife through a Karaoke contest

Karaoke contest

My wife and I work in the same company although working in different locations. I work in a small branch of the company that is a few miles out of town while she is stationed at the head office. My wife and I are both good singers. Music is what led us to each other. Our meeting was actually quite coincidental although it made it all the more romantic.

My wife and I met at the company’s annual party. As it is all the staff and friends of the company are invited and it is usually a big event since our company is one of the biggest company in town. Usually the annual parties are held within the town in one of the hotels but this time the company decided that we should have out party outdoors where there is more space and where the people can participate in many assorted kinds of party activities. As such, it was decided that we should have the party in a beautifully manicured garden that was renowned for hosting very lively parties.

Going to the party I did not have any great expectations, actually I was just being well-behaved in attending the company party. It was an unwritten rule that you did not miss any of such company functions.

The party started very well and the open environment in the superb weather was instrumental in making everyone cheerful. The party organizers had also done a good job in planning well and we were kept entertained with a smooth flow of activity.

At around midnight it was announced that the climax of the party would be a karaoke competition. Since it was likely that many people would want to shy from participating, the rules were that it was mandatory that each department would produce at least one participant. This was a killer blow to me. I knew that I would be automatically picked to be the candidate in our department. The other staff members in my department were older than me in terms of age and years spent at the company. Being the new boy, I was always humorously picked upon.

I knew I was a good singer, actually, I knew that I was a very good singer but I was just not very good at singing in front of crowds, or rather, I had never before attempted to sing in front of a crowd.

When the contest began and time for our department to participate came, I was unsurprisingly called upon by my colleagues to represent them.

Going to the podium I was very unsure of myself. However, when the music started and I started singing, I felt quite at home. I forgot the crowd and sang my heart out. The crowd was amazed at my singing. I was given a standing ovation much to my surprise and disinclination.

Others staff members were commenting on how I had worn the competition hands down when suddenly from the crowd there was a challenger.

Looking around to see who it was, I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. When she began to sing, her voice simply took me away. I lost the contest, but found a wife.