New health complications that are as a result of the modern lifestyle; focus on bruxism

bruxism-9There are types of health conditions that are caused by stress and anxiety. In the modern day, these issues are on the increase since mankind is facing more challenging mental and psychological problems. Many times this is because of the lifestyle that mankind has adopted.

Mankind today is living a life that is very different to the kind of life that our fore fathers had. In the older days, people depended on working the fields for sustenance. During that time, man was able to enjoy variety in his environment since he was working in the outdoors and the work environment was always changing. One time he could be working in the field, the other time he would be working in the shed, the other time he would be in the market, and other times he could be out in the field grazing animals.

During those ancient times man these work environments were conducive for a healthy mental and psychological state. It was not like today when people have to often contend with working from morning to evening five days in a week while being holed up in the same indoor office. This is not a very psychologically conducive working environment.

In the early times, mankind also had a life that was very social since the community had a lifestyle where people worked together in families or as a communities. Human interactions were very well established and people were better psychologically due to the strong social roots in society. Today this is gone and the social life among people is pathetic.

Due to the modern man adopting lifestyles that have greatly affected his psychology, mankind is experiencing adverse effects of this in different various ways. Man is today facing many health challenges that can be attributed to man having poor psychological health.

One of the health conditions that is only present in the modern world is bruxism. Bruxism is a condition where individuals grind or vigorously clench their teeth while they are awake or while they are asleep. This is a condition that is known to be caused by stress and anxiety. Whereas it is possible that the condition was existent for many years, its first academic recording can only be seen in the early 1900’s.

It is therefore clear that the condition started in the recent years or it became more prevalent. This must be as a result of a change in the life of mankind.

Since the condition is triggered by stress and anxiety, it is evident that man’s life today is more stressful.

Bruxism can be mild or intensive. Many people who have mild bruxism may live without even realizing that they have the condition. Intensive bruxism on the other hand has some extreme signs that one can easily recognize.

One of the most common consequences of intensive bruxism is damaged teeth. Due to the forceful action of the teeth, bruxism can cause the teeth to break or crack. Another sign of intensive bruxism is where an individual wakes up to headaches, ear aches, or sore jaws.