The delights of moving into my new home and the memories it evoked


After buying my new home, I was very excited. Finally I was able to have my own house. This was a great feeling since I was now confident of being able to house my family without any fears. Renting a house does not provide a lot of security especially when one has a family. With the modern day challenges one is never certain of always being able to have enough money to pay the rent.

After I bought my house, I was very eager to examine every aspect of my newly acquired asset. Before buying the house, I had checked out the house to see that many of the basic items were in good order. However, I wanted to do a thorough check. One of the things that I ensured that I checked out was the presence of asbestos. I had an aunt who had died as a result of cancer. The cancer had been attributed to the asbestos that had been in a house they had been living in.

Since the demise of my aunt I had always been very concerned about asbestos. In all the houses that I had lived in I had been very keen in ensuring that the house was asbestos free. In most cases I did the asbestos testing myself. I was able to do this using a DIY asbestos testing kit. This is a kit that is designed to be used by any person. It is very easy to use and it is a very cheap option as compared to having to hire experts.

With the numerous times that I had used the asbestos testing kit, I had become quite accustomed to using it. During the first instances I had always been very wary of exposing myself to the hazardous asbestos but with time I gained confidence with experience. As such I did not have any problems doing a thorough search for my new home.

As I went through the house doing the test, I could not help but get amused at my memories of the first house I lived in after moving out of my parents’ house.

It was just after completing college and I had been called up for a job in a small firm. The firm was situated quite a distance from where we lived. It was therefore important for me to get a house that was closer to the working place.

I did not have much time to search for a house and I did not have much money. It would have been better for me to seek the help of house agents to help me get a suitable house but since I did not have much money I had to do the search myself. I spent two hectic days walking the area before I got a house. The house I got was a cheap tiny apartment with very poor lighting. Since I did not have much time to continue searching and since the house was affordable for me, I quickly took it.

The house was so small but I managed to economize on space by buying a small futon which I could use as a couch and as a bed.