Visiting Singapore and enjoying the hospitality of different communities

hospitality of different communities

Visiting Singapore was a great milestone in my life. I am an ardent enthusiast of travel and whenever I have the opportunity, I like to travel to places around the world where I have never been to. I love the adventure that is associated with the unknown and I like getting the experience of meeting people from other cultures.

During my vacations, I had managed to travel to many destinations around the world but I had not managed to travel to Asia. Somehow, I had always overlooked Asia. This time I had managed to finally visit the populous continent thanks to a great travel offer that I came across online. A tour company in Singapore was offering a greatly discounted offer for visitors who were willing to spend two weeks touring Singapore. Thankfully the offer was within the same time that I was planning for my vacation.

I had been undecided about where to visit in Asia but the offer was all that I needed to choose Singapore as the destination. The decision proved to be the best decision since Singapore is actually the best place to start from when visiting Asia. By visiting Singapore, one has an experience that represents almost all that one can find in the continent.

One of the main things that makes Singapore represent the other destinations in Asia is the fact that one can find all the Asiatic communities in Singapore. Singapore has a multi-ethnic community that comprises majorly of the Chinese, the Malays and the Indians. There are also multiple groups of other small communities especially other ethnicities from around Asia.

During the tour of Singapore, I was able to interact with many of the main communities. The tour company hosting us had planned for us to get accommodation from local Singaporeans. Many times, Singaporeans rent out for the short term any of their extra rooms that are not being used in their houses. The company had strategically chosen some homes from which each of us could get accommodation during our stay.

The home where I was accommodated by an Indian couple made me understand exactly why this was a great idea. The Indian couple prepared a traditional delicious meal for me and over the meal they explained about Indian cultures and tradition. They went on to tell me how the Indians in Singapore had come to be. They further explained how life in the city was from their perspective.

When we moved to another part of Singapore, I was placed to lodge with an elderly Chinese couple. The couple’s children had long since moved away and the couple had moved their bedroom to one of their children’s rooms and they had been renting out the master room which I was fortunate to also occupy. The room was well decorated with Chinese décor.

Just like the Indian couple, the Chinese couple also gave me a hearty welcome and provided me with comprehensive information about their history and traditions.

In the final leg of our tour of the State of Singapore, I enjoyed being hosted by a Malay couple.